The Table of Contents of “Thou Shalt Not Lie About Grants”

Hello again. Before we dive into the next serial installment of this book on nonprofit fundraising and organizational development, we thought it would help to give visitors a broad view of what this book has to offer. We already posted one installment from Chapter One, and then we received some feedback about including the Table of Contents, so here is:

INTRODUCTION Leaving the Temple -or- In the Beginning…                                  

CHAPTER ONE —  The Oracle of the IRS -or- How to Form a 501(c)3 Public Charity

CHAPTER TWO — The First Pot of Gold – or- The IRS Letter and All Its Benefits

CHAPTER THREE — Money Isn’t Manna from Heaven -or- Reality of the Nonprofit World

CHAPTER FOUR — Tithing Should Be the 10th Commandment -or- Stop Begging for Money         

CHAPTER FIVE — Yin & Yang -or- Some Important Differences

CHAPTER SIX — David & Goliath -or- Conquering Fundraising

CHAPTER SEVEN — Mapping Out Your Treasure Quest -or- The First Steps

CHAPTER EIGHT — Deadlines for Enlightenment -or- Chronology of Essential Information

CHAPTER NINE — Making Plans for Paradise -or- Creating a Two-Year Development Plan

CHAPTER TEN — The Treasure Chest -or- Budgets & Attachments—It’s Only Simple Math

CHAPTER ELEVEN — The Devil is in the Details -or- How to Write a Strong Proposal 

CHAPTER TWELVEReturning to the Temple -or- How to Smite Grant Scams

CONCLUSIONThe Lost Gospel -or- Words that Change the World

APPENDIXSamples of Key Documents



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