“Whispering Mist” and its Originality

Whispering Mist is quite original and imaginative in various ways. First of all, it has original magical creatures, instead of the typical fare, like dragons and elves and goblins, etc. (although is does feature one unique witch). The thing that struck us the most was how creative the names are for the human characters, the magical beings, the cities and towns, buildings, mountains, trees, plants, bodies of water, animals, birds, fish and other non-magical creatures. When it came to the names of the characters in the story, the author cheated a bit by using a baby name book. The other thing we found fascinating and satisfying is how these unusual and creative names often fit what they’re naming phonetically. In the other words, the sound of the names, for us at least, would usually match the meaning of the name or word.

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